There is support available to help you. 
See the links at the bottom of this page to find places which offer support during your pregnancy.
There are also other options available instead of abortion (such as adoption). 

What is an abortion?

An abortion is the killing of a baby before it is born. Most abortions involve cutting up of the baby into pieces while alive inside the women’s womb. Pieces are torn off the baby, arms, legs, head and pulled out of the mother. It is a horrific act of murder of the unborn and innocent. There are videos on this site to show different abortion procedures.

What is illegal trade of Baby Organs?

Coming to light recently in America, Canada and other countries are cases of babies being illegally aborted alive so their heart organs are still beating, harvested and sold on the black market. These abortionists have been barbarically cutting open the baby’s chest while the baby is still alive, as the heart must be harvested alive and beating, then these babies die alone and organs sold illegally.

Community Support such as finding a local Christian Church. This can be a great way to get a supportive group of people around you. (view the map on the following page to find a church near you): Click Here»



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This site has been developed in New Zealand to help you learn about abortions.
This website is not intended to replace doctors medical advice but to teach mothers and fathers about the meaning of abortion and help you to make an informed decision.