There is support available to help you. 
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There are also other options available instead of abortion (such as adoption). 

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What happens During an Abortion.. Learn the truth.. What is an Abortion? Learn about Abortions..

  • 12 Weeks Baby Miscarried

    12 Weeks Loved – Stunning Images of Miscarried Baby

    By Joey Clavette
    Written by Cecilia and Darryl Everett, supporters of NCLN.
    Published with permission from National Campus Life Network

    By 17 weeks everyone knew we were having a baby.
    Family and friends had delighted in our news.
    We were so in love with our little baby.
    I wasn't alone.

  • 19 Week old baby in gestation / pregnancy

    Miscarried at 19 weeks, baby Walter’s life is changing the abortion debate

    This article has been reproduced with permission from Live Action
    Written by By Nancy Flanders

     “Clump of cells.” “Tissue.” “Just a fetus.” These are common ways people who are pro-abortion describe the preborn in order to diminish the humanity of these new lives. But what people label the preborn is not what defines them, and that is proven by the life of one small child. In the summer of 2013, Walter Joshua Fretz was born at just 19 weeks’ gestation. He lived only moments, but his life has had a lasting impact.

  • Ex-Abortionist in New Zealand Says.. "Babies Feel Pain"

    Former New Zealand abortionist’s revelation: I was exactly like the Nazis
    This article has been reproduced with permission from Live Action

    As New Zealand moves to decriminalize abortion, two videos by a former abortionist are gaining a lot of attention. In one of the videos, he explains the second-trimester surgical abortion known as a D&E. In the other, he shares his pro-life conversion story, in which he had a realization about the Holocaust and abortion.

  • Heartbreaking Infant survives abortion, mother holds him until he dies 21 Weeks pregnant

    By Kristi Burton Brown
    Published with permission from Live Action

    During a procedure to correct spina bifida while still in the womb, Samuel Armas, twenty-one weeks old, reached out. As Dr. Joseph P. Bruner reached and gently lifted the hand, Samuel reacted and squeezed tightly. (Photo credit: Michael Clancy)

  • What happens During an Abortion

    This site has been developed in New Zealand to help you learn about abortions.

  • What is abortion ?

    Abortion is the killing of a baby before it is born. Most abortions involve cutting up of the baby into pieces while alive inside the mother’s womb. Pieces are torn off the baby, arms, legs, head and pulled out of the mother. It is a horrific act of murder of the unborn and innocent. There are videos on this site to show different abortion procedures.

Watch NASA Technology Conception to Birth

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Horrifying cases of babies aborted alive and hearts cut from body while babies alive, harvested and sold Body Parts taking place across America, Canada and around the world. Babies born alive and left to die. Other cases coming out now in America such as Daleiden and pro-lifers who exposed abortionists Planned Parenthood.
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Community Support
such as finding a local Christian Church can be a great way to get a supportive group of people around you.

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